Steam Whistle Breweries Sponsored Indie Night Featuring Simon Cameron Fletcher, Tape Eagles, The Unlikely Story!!!

Steam Whistle Indie Nights at the Linsmore Tavern (1298 Danforth) is back this Tuesday September 27th and we have 3 incredible original bands ready to bring you some amazing live music! This is going to be an incredible night of talent as we have 3 great bands ready to put on a show for you featuring Simon Cameron Fletcher, Tape Eagles, The Unlikely Story!!!! This evening is all brought to you by Steam Whistle Breweries, with the support of some great sponsors including IndieCan Radio (SiriusXM), Canada Media Rocks, Steve's Music, and Meg-a Music Toronto. The show starts at 8pm, no cover, so come out and support original music!

The Unlikely Story is an independent 4-piece band project that formed in early 2015 and is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Their namesake is derived from their collectively separate histories and a realistic approach to the endeavour. There is a good level of musicianship here, and a strong desire to create quality material. The Unlikely Story sets a high bar for itself and is dedicated to constant improvement in all aspects of its existence. This passion project is definitely a slow burn as each of the members still have a mild-mannered day job to contend with, but the will to create cannot be suppressed. Collective influences are fairly broad, reaching into classic and modern rock, some jazz, elements of soul, Motown, blues and pop. As of April 2016, a new drummer has been brought in and this has reinforced the band's commitment to creating not only personal and memorable music, but a great fan listening experience as well.


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The Digital Immigrants Rocks the Linsmore Tavern!

Saturday October 1st and kicking off the month of October, we always get a ton of requests to bring this band back and so we are doing it on a quick turnaround!! The Digital Immigrants are back at the Linsmore Tavern and this is going to be another amazing show, by this incredible high energy band! The Digital Immigrants have something for everyone! Top 40 Rock/Pop Covers! A tribute to the last 4 decades! The band's tune selection was tailored towards edgy, danceable tunes! The result?...a hip, heavy and high-energy performance for the stage!

The Digital Immigrants came together in early 2007 with the idea of bringing high energy dance-able music to the clubs in Toronto and surrounding area! They blend top 40 with the surprise of well known "B-Sides". The show starts at 9:30pm, there will be a $5 cover charge! Come check out this fun, local band who know how to entertain and play some great tunes!!

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Airport 77 Brings Back the 1970's FM Radio Rock to the Linsmore!

Friday September 30th, the Linsmore Tavern (1298 Danforth Ave) is so excited to welcome back, Airport 77 who absolutely killed it when they played last at the Linsmore Tavern! Their last show at the Linsmore was a capacity crowd and one of the best nights ever, so we are so happy to bring them back for a show! Airport 77 will definitely bring down the house, with their very cool and unique set-list that every bar band only dreams of playing! This will not be your typcial cover band playing the same old boring songs! Be prepared for something new, something fun and something that real music fans will love to see!
Greatest Hits ’71-84

Now boarding: Your direct flight to the golden age of FM radio rock, live… no static at all.

Dr. Johnny Fever’s on-air playlist is the point of departure for Airport 77’s veteran six-man crew. 

From April Wine to Warren Zevon with stopovers for Bowie, Boz, Joni, Pagliaro, Billy Joel, Elton John, Steely Dan and all points between, Airport 77 soars through every AOR hit and album cut of the 70s and 80s worth a damn.

This is not your ever day band as it features Tony Grace the president of Boomtang Records and founding member of production/remix team The Boomtang Boys ( wrote and produced The HamsterDance Song etc ) and the international jazz outfit, Four80East. Check out this incredible line-up of musicians:

Ron Bock (lead vocal/guitar)

Jack Trentman (vocals/guitar)

Ian Taylor (keyboards)

Dave Morrison (bass)

Sean Bryson (drums)

Tony Grace (percussion

Do not miss this night, as it will be one of the BEST night's of music all year at the Linsmore Tavern! There will be a $5 cover charge at the door! The show starts at 9:30pm!

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Chris Staig and the Marquee Players Live at the Linsmore!

Thursday September 29th, the Linsmore Tavern is extremely excited to welcome back the super talented Chris Staig And The Marquee Players! We had Chris play the Linsmore just recently in July and it was an incredible show! We usually don't do such quick turnarounds with bands, but with Chris Staig and The Marquee Players, we had to! Not very often does Chris Staig cross the Don Valley for an East End show, so come out and check out this talented original artist and show him how the East End Rocks! Chris Staig is a throwback to old Rock 'n' Roll with influences from such bands as Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Beatles, Stones, Dylan, Gram Parsons, Ray Price, Uncle Tupelo, Harold Dorman

Chris Staig has won praises for his solo recordings, and for his work with other performers. He used to play guitar for a bagpipe funk band called Taxi Chain, way back in the mid nineties when one could play 3 nights a week in bars and not starve. Even if there was a bagpiper in your band.

He has made 4 solo CDs he's proud of. Deeper We'll Dream (2000) caused Kurt Swinghammer to call Staig "surprise local discovery of the year" and The Toronto Sun to call him "a song writing Charles Atlas". Songwriter Jonathan Seet best summed up Staig's second CD, Death of Romance, as "damn f**** straight, man". All four discs have received commercial, campus and CBC radio play. Is probably the only songwriter who will have his work covered and recorded by both power pop cynic Dan Bryk ("Honest Love") and Canadian novelty song act The Arrogant Worms ("Buy a Bottle of Booze")

2008 saw the recording of Staig's most recent CD titled "Mary". "Mary" features 12 outstanding songs with tremendous performances by Staig's band. The CD also features a duet with famed Canadian vocalist Oh Susanna, and keyboard contributions from Jack Breakfast and Mike Johnston (Skydiggers). Produced by Joe Dunphy (Skydiggers, By Divine Right) the CD was released in early 2009. 2009 also saw Staig take the lead guitar spot on the album "Gentrify You" by Jimmy Byron and partake in riotous shows with Jimmy at the Dakota Tavern in Toronto.

Chris Staig's current band for live performances, The Marquee Players, consists of Stephen O'Toole on the bass, Shelley Coopersmith on violin and mandolin, and Ian MacKay on the drums. Come see us at one of our many monthly shows in Toronto and around Ontario. A fifth disc, or possibly a first LP is in the cards for 2014! 

This is going to be a great night of music, so come check out this talented original Indie artist! The show starts at 8:30pm, No Cover!

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