The Doors Men: Tribute To The Doors Return to the Linsmore Tavern!!!

Get ready, because the Linsmore Tavern has the Doors Men who are Canada's BEST Tribute to The Doors!! There has been a ton of requests to bring The Doors Men who are the best Doors Tribute, back to the Linsmore Tavern and we just couldn't ignore it!  Earlier this year in February, The Doors Men came into the Linsmore Tavern and absolutely tore it up in front of a sold out crowd!! It was without a doubt one of the best shows in the history of the Linsmore Tavern!  They are back at the Linsmore Tavern for the 4th of July and you better believe there will be some fireworks when they hit the stage!

The Doors Men, covering almost two decades of music from one of the greatest bands who inspired generations and still do, with their mystical melodies and poetry to their grinding R&B roots.  Featuring select albums and covering great hits. It's hard to have a 60's Month without having the unforgettable music of the Doors being included!  Between 1967 to 1971, the Doors released 8 albums which The Doors Men will cover!!

The Band Features: Mark McLay, Billy Burgomaster, Brian Heyes, Troy Feener!

Tickets are $7 in advance and $10 at the door! They can be purchased at the bar or right here: BUY TICKETS!!

“The Doors Men are the best Doors Tribute I have ever heard. They are the closest you’ll get to actually seeing The Doors live!” -John Scholes, Q107 FM

“Fantastic Likeness and Awesome Players” is what the Toronto Music Reveiw is saying about this cool band.”

“They’re a power house of fun and rock n roll”.

“Don’t miss this grind house of R&B blues”.


Michael Darcy & The Sparks Rocks The Linsmore Tavern!

This Friday night, the Linsmore Tavern is bringing in the super-talented Michael Darcy & The Sparks for an EP Release Party for his latest work, "The Trailer Sessions".  Michael Darcy has been performing around the GTA for the last few years in his duo known as the Irish Guys, which has gained a major following for playing old Irish Classics and Ballads!  This Friday night will be a different night, as Michael will be playing with a full-on 6 piece band playing his original music that can be described as Folk, Rock, Country, Roots and of course Irish!

Growing up in the wild and beautiful County Clare, on the west coast of Ireland, singer/songwriter Michael Darcy was surrounded and inspired by traditional music at a very early age. He began playing the accordion when he was only 6, competing in several national competitions over the span of a few years, winning multiple awards. He was also part of a successful, local set-dancing group; awarded All-Ireland titles, as well as International titles at the World Championships in Manchester, England 1997.

By the age of 10, following exposure to a cassette tape of legendary folk singer, Christy Moore - "Live at the Point", Michael was inspired to focus his musical attention on the guitar - teaching himself. It was then through the passion of this new instrument, he discovered the magic of such Irish bands like Planxty, The Waterboys, The Pogues, The Dubliners, The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem and so on. From further afield, he started listening to the gritty-American sounds of Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Steve Earle, John Prine and Guy Clark to name a few. By 19, Michael was playing solo gigs all across the west of Ireland, establishing a strong musical reputation as a bright and ambitious new talent.At age 25, he embarked on a life-changing uproot across the Atlantic, with guitar in tow, arriving in his current home town of Toronto, Canada.

This is going to be a real fun night with some incredible and unique music!  There will be a $5 cover charge and the band will start at 9:30pm!  Come on out and support this amazing artist and his music! 

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chael quickly and naturally immersed himself into the vivacious city's live music scene.

Robert London & The Ragged Live at the Linsmore!!

  • This Thursday night, the Linsmore Tavern is so excited to welcome an incredible Singer/Songwriter Indie Artist who knows how to put on a show! Robert London & The Ragged are a Toronto based Indie / Blues Rock trio and will be playing for the first time ever at the Linsmore Tavern this Thursday night at 9pm. Robert London is a Toronto based singer/songwriter and bluesman. A virtuoso guitarist, his writing is more composition based than technically flashy. Originally from Canada's West coast, his sound is a fusion of blues and the laid-back temperance of West coast writers. Come out and support some local talent, there is no cover and some great Indie Music!

Forever Man - A Tribute To Clapton Live at The Linsmore!!

This Saturday night, June 27th is going to be one of those special nights at the Linsmore Tavern as we are welcoming a group of some of Canada's most talented musicians who will be coming together to play a night of music of the legendary Eric Clapton! Forever Man - A Tribute to Clapton is a dedicated group of top musicians and fans of Clapton's music banded together to form Canada's finest Eric Clapton tribute band.  Clapton's music, presented to you, note for note, in all it's perfection.

The Band consists of:

Craig McRae Lead Vocals and rhythm guitar

Fabio Dwyer Other lead vocals and main lead guitar
Herve Basset All Keyboards and fancy sounds
Guenther Kapelle Bass, Backing Vocals 
Stephen Wenzel Percussion
Formed in 2015, The Forever Man tribute band began to talk about getting a band together to honour Eric Clapton on his 70th birthday. After a birthday celebration concert at the Hard Rock Café in Toronto, the members decided it was time - Clapton's songs are timeless, and he had so many hit songs, we could fill the night with endless tunes........let the music begin.

Tickets for this unique show is $5 for advance and $10 at the door! You can buy tickets at the bar or right here:  BUY TICKETS!!



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