Still Of The Night: Canada's Premier Whitesnake Tribute Live @ Linsmore Tavern (Back To The 80's)

This Saturday night is going to be really special, as the Linsmore Tavern is so excited to bring you another amazing Back To The 80's Month and the first Saturday of September we are welcoming for the very first time, is Canada's Premier Whitesnake Tribute, Still Of The Night!  This is going to be a MUST-SEE night for all hard rock fans, as you are not going to find a better tribute to Whitesnake, then Still Of The Night! 

STILL OF THE NIGHT Canada's Ultimate WHITESNAKE Tribute brings you the screaming VOCALS of JON MUNROE. The crushing GUITARS of MIKE MCAVAN. The driving BASS rhythms of JOHN MALZER and with the hard pounding DRUMS of NIALL MELLORS will give the ultimate sound of WHITESNAKE!!! 

Still Of The Night, will perform with note for note precision all of the songs that made Whitesnake one of the world's biggest bands in the 1980's that went on to influence many musicians! Tickets for this night are $5 in advance and $10 at the door! You can buy these tickets at the Linsmore Tavern or right here: BUY TICKETS!!!

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The Legendary Castaways back at the Linsmore for some Blues & Rock!!!

One our favourite and best bands are back at the Linsmore Tavern this Friday Night to play an evening of 1960's and 70's Blues and Rock!  The Legendary Castaways have played at the Linsmore Tavern a number of times over the years and every single time they come in for an evening, they put on an incredible show!  They are able to captivate the audience with their amazing musicianship and great set-list!

The Legendary Castaways perform blues and rock hits (and not so hits) from the 60s and 70s. Some of our favourite artists include Johnny Winter, ZZ Top, Cream, Little Feat, Bill Withers, The Allman Brothers, The Band, and many more! 

The Legendary Castaways are:
Joel Krass (vocals, guitar) - Joel is a former RCA Recording Artist (Headstrong/bomb32) and full-time music seeker. When he's not trolling the clubs to hear great local players, Joel plays a Gibson Les Paul Standard and uses Traynor and Roland amplifiers.
Ben Wilson (vocals, bass) - Ben is a former Warner Music (The Populars) recording artist with local roots in the rock, blues and country scene in Toronto. When he's not holding it down with the Castaways, you can find him on tour with Canadian country workhorse, Mike Plume. Ben plays Ernie Ball and Fender guitars and Ampeg amplifiers.
Paul Domanski (drums) - Paul is a lifetime veteran of the Toronto indie music scene (The Darned, Zuul's Evil Disco) with skills that span many genres (jazz, punk, rock, blues). He is an incredibly versatile and dedicated player who is known to rock a throne! Paul plays Gretch and DW drums and Zildjan and Sabian cymbals.

The show starts at 9:30pm and there is a $5 cover charge!  Come and check out this great band, as they always deliver an amazing show and are fun!


Sista's In Soul featuring Janaia Farrell and Joni NehRita!

Thursday September 3rd, the Linsmore Tavern is excited to welcome for the first time ever, the talented duo of Janaia Farrell and Joni NehRita! Sista's of Soul will be bringing the Afro Pickin' Soul, Funk and R&B! Joni who drops her outstanding 3rd album this month and Janaia fresh off of her tour of Asia will be Rockin' the house!

Jania Farrell is a special talent who can morph from a 1940's jazz act to a pop star and back around to a classical opera singer! Janaia performs all genres of music and dispite her age, she has over 21 years in this industry. She has tons of experience in Soul, Jazz, RnB, Funk, Musical Theatre, Top 40/Dance, Opera, Reggae Tone. Her experience in Musical Theatre and acting have help to create her unique style of performing. Janaia becomes the character of the genre of music she performs and she is not afraid to dance on stage. She doesn't just sing the songs as most artist do, she makes you feel the songs.  She possess a vocal range that is only associated with the greats!

Joni NehRita delivers real soul music played by real musicians. Think of a time when Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye were considered "pop music". Her writing is where joyful melodies meet deep groove and evocative lyrics. Her music has its head in jazz, its personality is pop, and its heart is pure soul. Her debut release, "A Fine Time" was well received both in independent and mainstream media. "About 30 seconds into 'A Fine Time' I was pretty damned confident that Joni NehRita was the real deal. The entire disc sprang to life with unwavering elegance and never ceased to impress...the selections strike hard and soothe the spirit." 4/5 stars. Addi Steward, NOW Magazine. NehRita has toured in Canada, The U.S., U.K., Germany and Australia. Constant support from the CBC has helped win over new supporters including The Ontario Arts Council, which helped fund her soon-to-be-released sophomore effort, "The Bare Truth."

This is going to be a really cool show with two of the country's best talents! There is no cover and the show starts at 9pm!

Raised Emotionally Dead with Secret Society Of Sorry Souls Live at the Linsmore Tavern!

Saturday August 29th, the Linsmore Tavern is so excited to welcome 2 incredible original Rock Acts for the very first time!  This is going to be an incredible rock show as Raised Emotionally Dead will be gracing the stage of the Linsmore Tavern with opening act, Secret Society of Sorry Souls!  Rock fans, this is your night!

Secret Society of Sorry Souls is a Rock band from Toronto delivering emotionally charged, melodic grooves. This band is a secret you won't keep to yourself. Debut "10:10" coming summer 2015. With unfiltered emotional honesty, delivered sonically and melodically S.S.O.S.S. only endeavour is to touch and entertain the selfish walls to tumble and fall and allow true love to enterprise. There is no genre here, no peer pressure, no formula, just real people contributing.

Based out of Toronto, R.E.D is comprised of five distinct yet harmonious characters, each contributing their own unique element to R.E.D’s sonic flair and making R.E.D a phenomenon that simply must be shared. The stage is the arena in which R.E.D truly shines. Combining the synchronized intensity of the crowd with their melodic barrage of lyrical hooks and melodies, R.E.D hypnotizes those around them. An experience that can never be relived twice, R.E.D imbues the moment with a ferocity that is quite close to divine. R.E.D Having made several appearances in Toronto’s local music scene and with such well known acts as Marilyn Manson, L.A.Guns, John Corabi, formerly of Motley Crue and the legendary Gilby Clarke from Guns N’ RoséS Mix, Danko Jones, The Birthday Massacre,, DOPE, Faster Pussycat, Dog Fashion Disco, Trash Light Vision, Carnival Diablo, Nash the Slash and many others. RED has gained valuable insight and experience in the ever evolving milieu of live performance. By combining their unique perspective with a distinctive flair for the unorthodox R.E.D, as a statement of pure sonic intensity, has only begun their astonishing tour de force.

Rockers, tickets are now on sale and can be purchased at the Linsmore Tavern or right here: BUY TICKETS!!

Tickets are are $5 in advance, $10 at the door! This will be a 9:30pm start!


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