Blues Sunday Live at the Linsmore Tavern Featuring Johnny Cox!

Sunday June 26th, the Linsmore Tavern is excited to welcome back, one of Canada's top Blues musician and guitarist's Johnny Cox, part of our Blues Sunday series! Johnny Cox is a welcome addition to our regular monthly rotation and now you can see him every 4th Sunday of the month at the Linsmore Tavern! Johnny Cox has some serious chops and has played the past two months part of the Linsmore Tavern's Blues Sunday series! There has been an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, as people just love his music! If you have not seen him before, make sure you get out to see him! One of the top Blues guitarist's, Johnny Cox is definitely one ot the top Blues shows out there!

Inspired by many styles of music, it's the Blues that truly drive Johnny wild. In March, 2014, Johnny released his debut album, Thin Blue Line featuring eleven high-energy original tracks that represent the palette of his musical personality. Thin Blue Line has garnered Johnny much attention in the Blues community throughout Canada and internationally. With an exciting new album in production, Johnny is poised to become a well-known and potent fixture in the Blues scene. Along with his electrifying band, The Magnetic Line, Johnny plans to bring his powerful live performance to other countries around the world --especially Scotland. 

Born in Toronto in 1970, Johnny’s parents moved the family to Scotland when Johnny was only four. His parents purchased and renovated a grain mill turning it into the Old Mill Hotel, an iconic landmark in Motherwell, a steel town on the outskirts of Glasgow. The Old Mill became their new home. Johnny’s family owned and operated the Hotel until 1985 at which time they decided to move back to Canada. Johnny was fifteen. 

Leaving Motherwell at such a tender impressionable age was bittersweet; saying goodbye to the Old Mill and to his friends has left him haunted and forever pining for his Scottish stomping grounds. Despite the excitement of moving back to Canada, loneliness set in. The Hotel had featured many bands over the years and as a kid Johnny had become quite comfortable with musical instruments, namely the guitar. Finding his mojo, Johnny whiled away the years on a stratocaster devoting himself to the techniques of Eric Clapton, Albert King, John Lee Hooker and Buddy Guy, irresistibly drawn to Blues music and the deep emotional pool it embodied.

In the process of becoming 'whole' musically, hungering for more than being a Blues guitar player, Johnny felt compelled to start singing and writing his own material. Since that realization he's been on a feverish journey, honing his craft and finding his home in the world of music. Johnny embraces many Roots styles but in his heart he’s still a junkie for the Blues; playing guitar in his sleep and bending every note.

The Linsmore Tavern is the best place in the city for Blues on Sunday evening and we are definitely bringing in a band that lives up to this billing! Every 4th Sunday of the month, come on out and listen to some really great blues, by an incredible Blues Songwriter, Musician and guitar player, Johnny Cox! No Cover, the show starts at 6pm!

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The Doors Men Returns to the Linsmore Tavern for a night of The Doors!

Saturday June 25th, the Linsmore Tavern is so excited to welcome back one of the BEST Tributes in the Canada, The Doors Men Tribute to The Doors!  It's been almost a year to the day since we have had The Doors Men perform at the Linsmore Tavern and with their two previous SOLD-OUT shows at the Linsmore, it is no surprise that they are one of the most requested bands at the Linsmore Tavern!  The Doors Men do not play many shows, so when they do you better make sure you make it out to see them!

The Doors Men, covering almost two decades of music from one of the greatest bands who inspired generations and still do, with their mystical melodies and poetry to their grinding R&B roots.  Featuring select albums and covering great hits. It's hard to have a 60's Month without having the unforgettable music of the Doors being included!  Between 1967 to 1971, the Doors released 8 albums which The Doors Men will cover!!

The Band Features: Mark McLay, Billy Burgomaster, Brian Heyes, Troy Feener!

Tickets are $7 in advance and $10 at the door! They can be purchased at the bar or right here: BUY TICKETS!!

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“The Doors Men are the best Doors Tribute I have ever heard. They are the closest you’ll get to actually seeing The Doors live!” -John Scholes, Q107 FM

“Fantastic Likeness and Awesome Players” is what the Toronto Music Reveiw is saying about this cool band.”

“They’re a power house of fun and rock n roll”.

“Don’t miss this grind house of R&B blues”.

The Neil Young'uns are Live this Friday Night!!

Friday June 24th and right on the heels of selling out their 16th straight show at the Linsmore Tavern (1298 Danforth Ave), The Neil Young'uns are back to rock the house! There is a reason why The Neil Young'uns show has sold out 16 times in a row and one of those reasons is because of their show itself! The Neil Young'uns deliver a show, in which only Neil Young can perform better! Note for Note perfection and a set-list that covers every era and every band of Ol' Neil! The Neil Young'uns even take requests and will play anything, even the most obscure stuff! The Neil Young'uns at the Linsmore Tavern is a special night that you won't forget! The atmosphere in the room is an experience of it's own and The Neil Young'uns always put on an unforgettable show!

Like the previous 16 shows, this Neil Young'uns show will sell out! Make sure you get your tickets now or else you will be out of luck! Tickets are $8 in advance, $15 at the door! Buy tickets are the bar or right here: BUY TICKETS!!

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Russ Macklem's Quartet - Jazz Jam Live at the Linsmore!

It was so much fun, so lets do it again! Russ Macklem's Jazz Jam is back at the Linsmore Tavern after an awesome show last month in May! Thursday June 23rd, at 8pm, come check out this incredible quartet and if you are a musician, join in on the festivities, because it's going to be fun!

Russ Macklem will be bringing in his ALL-STAR line-up of musicians, so come out and see some of Toronto's best jazz musicians! If you are a fan of jazz, you got to come out to see these guys play. For any musicians out there, bring an instrument and join in on the fun! This is truly an amazing night and something you want to be a part of! The show starts at 8pm, no cover!!  

Russ Macklem - Trumpet
Lucian Gray - Guitar
Brian Chahley - Bass
Norbert Botos - Drums

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