No Problem Band Back at the Linsmore Tavern!

Thursday March 31st, if you are looking for a great band to check out, No Problem, The Linsmore Tavern (located at 1298 Danforth) has it! That's right, The No Problem Band makes their return to play a night of Rock and Soul! 60's, 70's, 80's Rock, Soul and Blues from bands such as Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, Van Morrison and The Beatles is what you are going to get from The No Problem Band and they will deliver it with great precision! It will be a fun night! No Cover, the show starts at 9pm!!

The members of No Problem are all experienced players who all have been playing in the Toronto music scene for decades. The members of the band met through the jam circuit on the East side of Toronto and we're drawn to form No Problem based on the amazing chemistry that resulted when they played together. That ease of playing great music together also spawned the name of the band.

As the name suggests this band is about kicking back, forgetting about your troubles, and having a good time. 

No Problem plays a wide range of music to please all types of musical tastes. Keith Richards said everyone talks about rock these days, the problem is, they forget about the roll. This very talented 4 member band that all call Toronto home have No Problem with the Rock or the Roll.

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ACDC Rocks: Tribute to AC/DC For Tributes Who Rock Month at the Linsmore!

The month of March at the Linsmore Tavern is appropriately called, Tributes Who Rock Month at the Linsmore Tavern and it's impossible to name a month like this without including ACDC Rocks!  ACDC Rocks is the best AC/DC Tribute Band out there and for all of you fans out there who want to be THUNDERSTRUCK, then make sure you get your tickets to see this incredible tribute!  Their last show at the Linsmore Tavern was a sell-out and was one of the best shows of 2015 at the Linsmore Tavern!  

Playing songs from both the Bon Scott and Bryan Johnston eras, with ACDC Rocks you will get the authentic show of AC/DC!  From the songs, the look and the sound, ACDC Rocks do everything in their power to emulate the passion and musicianship of one of the biggest bands in the world since their formation in Australia in 1973!

This show has a lot of buzz surrounding it and is a MUST see!  Ticket are $7 in advance and $10 at the door!  You can buy your tickets at the Linsmore Tavern or here:  BUY TICKETS!!


Robbie Rox and The Power Quintet is Back!!

Friday March 25, the Linsmore Tavern is very excited to welcome back Robbie Rox and his Power Quintet for another amazing live show! Robbie Rox and The Power Quintet has played some amazing shows in the past at the Linsmore Tavern and his reputation as a top notch performer is definitely deserved! It is always a real special show when Robbie Rox performs at the Linsmore Tavern, as he does not play many shows in Toronto, so when he does make sure you come out!

The in-yer-face satirical and often scatological music and over-the-top stage persona of Robbie Rox may not be to everyone’s taste, but it sure seems to strike a chord with his fellow Toronto artists.

While by today’s standards his stuff may seem somewhat tame, back in the early seventies Rox’s proto-Punk nothing-sacred satire was considered by many to be a dire threat to the morals of the younger generation.

When Rox began his musical odyssey to become, as he’s been described, “Canada’s answer to Frank Zappa” (before he was even familiar with Zappa’s outrageous compositions) 40 years ago, he shocked and awed many with his daring and delightful humour –and impressed many others with the deft musicianship that he also brings to his work.

Shows with his multi-piece Monster Horn Band were notable as much for their musical prowess as for his provocative lyrics. And his ability to span several vocal octaves, combined with an uncanny knack for capturing voices of various characters, helped make Rox more than just a novelty act in the minds of other performers and fans alike. -Gary 17

Get your tickets now for $5 or you can buy tickets at the door for $10! You can buy your tickets at the Linsmore Tavern or right here: BUY TICKETS!!!


Echo Entertainment Presents SickKids Rockathon Charity 2 Featuring JULES, LUCY, THE EXIT 27 BAND, SEED OF NATURE, INFINITY

For the last 5 months, Echo Entertainment has been putting on at least one charity show every month, where they bring in multiple amazing original bands that all come together for a good cause!  On Thursday March 24th, Echo Entertainment is back with 5 incredible bands and are raising money for an incredible cause, SickKids!  Come on out and support this amazing night of music and be a part of a really fun night that helps a great cause!

Echo Entertainment Presents

* SickKids Charity Rockathon 2*

Thursday March 24
Linsmore Tavern 
1298 Danforth Ave
8:00 PM

** Cover Charge 
Minimum Donation Of $5 **

Of course we encourage larger donations but you are not obligated.

** Donations will be donated to The SickKids Foundation **

Join us for a night of awesome local live music, a great time and for a damn great cause.



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