Students For Change Charity Music Night Featuring The Bakers, Frankie Moyo, Liz & Gracie and Monroe Park!

Thursday night is going to be a real fun night as the fine students of U of T are coming in and holding a Fundraiser, Music Night  with proceeds going towards Malaria.  There will be 4 bands performing for this fundraiser include The Bakers, Frankie Moyo, Liz & Gracie and Monroe Park!  The show start at 8:30pm, there will be cheap drinks, prizes and great live music!  Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door.  

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Steam Whistle Breweries Sponsored Indie Night Featuring Jules, Alyssa Polan, Dorval!

Tuesday night, the Linsmore Tavern's (1298 Danforth Ave) Indie Night returns with 3 incredible original bands ready to bring you some amazing music! This week Tuesday February 9, we are featuring 3 great Indie bands including Jules, Alyssa Polan, Dorval! All brought to you by Steam Whistle Breweries, with the support of some great sponsors including IndieCan Radio (SiriusXM), Canada Media Rocks, Steve's Music, and MegaMusic Canada. The show starts at 8pm, no cover, so come out and support original music!

 Alyssa Tess is an 18 year old singer/songwriter. She is self taught on the piano and guitar and has been playing since a young age and singing long before she could talk. She has been the featured musical entertainment on Rogers Cable TV shows, Mr. B and Friends and What's Good. In the last year she has performed in cafes in down town Midland, several school concerts, and at the Midland Buttertart and Artwalk Festival. She was 1st runner up in Springwater Idol last fall. Spring 2015 Alyssa had the opportunity to co write a radio jingle for Springwater Garden Centre. Her summer was spent as a Street Performer for the City of Barrie, which lead her to performing at several local festivals. Currently she is in Toronto at Centennial College for the Music Industry Arts and Performance program.

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Tom Waits Appreciation Congregation Live Monday!

Wow! Each month, the show gets better, with more people coming out! The Tom Waits Appreciation Congregations is making their monthly appearance at the Linsmore Tavern (1298 Danforth Ave) on Monday February 8th for a night dedicated to Tom Waits! There has been tremendous momentum with this monthly show and I dare you to find a better live show in Toronto on a Monday night! This is definitely a night for diehard Tom Waits fans as well as music fans in general!! These guys put on an incredible show and you will definitely not regret coming out to see their show! Featuring Marty Morin,The Tom Waits Appreciation Congregation (TWAC) comprise of some of the best musicians in all of Toronto coming together for their love of Tom Waits and paying Tribute to him and his music! Be a part of this Monday Monthly Tradition that is really starting to feel special!

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The Neil Young'uns Live at the Linsmore Tavern for First show of 2016!

Saturday February 6th, mark that date on your calendar for all you Neil Young fans, as the world's best Neil Young Tribute makes their return to the Linsmore Tavern for their first show of 2016! They have had 14 consecutive sell outs in a row at the Linsmore Tavern and this show will surely be the same! You are not going to find a better atmosphere and a better night of music in a bar that night, so be a part of this magical show!  Every show that the play is different from the last, as they know all of Neil's catalogue from every era and band! They even take requests!

The Neil Young’uns is a small but mighty collective of five friends, brought together by the animation/ film and art business, all artists and musicians in their own right, who share a love of roots, rock and jazz music and a great respect for the songwriting and vast musical catalogue of Canuck rock icon Neil Young.

What began in Toronto’s Cadillac Lounge as a long term residency, as much performance art as bar band has now expanded to the most musically discerning stages in Ontario such as the famed Sound Academy, Oakville’s Moonshine Cafe and The London Music Club. 
The band’s performances are propelled by lead singer Larry Cariou, whose resemblance both musically and physically has been termed by first time audience members as ‘spooky’, and by the searing guitar improvisations of Steve Whitehouse, who pays keen respect towards Neil Young’s ferocious stage ramblings and takes them in new improvisational directions nightly…
Backing them up, Denis Gonzalez switches fluidly between bass, keys, guitar and banjo, from rhythm ace to newgrass plucker to lyrical conductor on “Man Needs a Maid”…A musicologist in every sense…
Following suit, Trudy Binder is as at ease with keys or the bass as she is with her legendarily powerful vocals on such classic anthems as “Motorcycle Mama”…
Drummer Geordie Millar mines Neil Young’s broad stable of recorded drummers to build, and expand on, established ‘pockets’ and parts with his background in roots, rock and blues drumming.
As a group the band strive to recreate musical gold from across Young’s varied recording and performing career while opening up fresh avenues for interpretation, always looking for something new in the music with each performance, within each venue and with each unique new audience.
 “This Toronto-based Tribute is f#cking note perfect.”
– Richard Trapunski –
 “The absolute best Neil Young tribute band of all time…
Looks and sounds just like Neil Young and his band!”
– London Music Club
Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased for $7 in advance and $15 at the door!  Don't wait, get your tickets now!!! You can buy your tickets at the bar or right here: BUY TICKETS!!


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