The Linsmore Tavern is one of the last of the old school tavern’s and hotels in the city of Toronto. The Linsmore Hotel was established on December 7th, 1934, the same year the Province of Ontario started licencing saloons. Max Bloom was the first owner, and his nephew, Lou Campul, managed both the saloon and the hotel above it, while he and his wife brought up their 5 children on the second floor. In those early decades, Danforth Avenue, or the King’s Highway #5, was a main throughway for travellers coming west into the City of Toronto.

The Linsmore Hotel catered to those visitors who needed a room for the night. A ladies and escorts room was accessed through the side entrance on Linsmore Ave. In those days, there were no windows to look into at The Linsmore because the customers didn’t want the neighbourhood knowing who was drinking inside. Trays of 5 cent drafts in 6 ounce glasses were dropped at table after table. Following the pub tradition of the British Isles, the Linsmore was the social hub for it’s immediate neighbourhood.

The ownership of the Linsmore changed in 1982, when 31 year old Basil Mangano bought the place from Max Bloom. He still owns the Linsmore Tavern to this day. It is now one of the last remaining original hotel/taverns in Toronto.  There is a long history behind the Linsmore Tavern, and it seems like everyone has a story to tell about the place.

The bar and restaurant industry changed drastically over the years and the Linsmore Tavern had to evolve with these changes. Basil’s son Ryan came in to manage in 2010 and through trial and error, eventually transformed the Linsmore Tavern into a live music venue. Now the Linsmore Tavern hosts live music 5 to 7 days out of the week and book over 350 bands a year! With a unique, old-school tavern vibe, the Linsmore Tavern is an intimate venue with a great atmosphere and affordable prices! Located right beside the Greenwood Subway Station on 1298 Danforth Ave, the Linsmore Tavern is a place to see a big name in an intimate and fun setting!

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