Simple Damned Device Live!!!

Thursday night, the Linsmore Tavern is excited to bring in for the first time ever, original Rock Act Simple Damned Device!!  If you are looking for a really good original band that Rocks, this is it!  With a unique sound that can be described as a horror film with a beat, raw, organic, but not always healthy. It's honest and won't suddenly get prettier in the studio process. It provokes. it pounces, it purrs, think Steely Dan/Sex Pistols/Stones/Husker Du, these guys will have you dance and sing-along!  SDD will be entertaining you all night long with new material, old material and probably come up with some new tunes too because that's what they do and they will even be throwing some classic rock cover tunes into the mix because they can. No Cover, the band starts at 9pm!

"If Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart got together with John Lee Hooker" -Dj Jack Antonio-CJIM Montreal's Rock Station



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