Mute Sounds with Buffalo Bill and Revcall Live at the Linsmore Tavern!

Mute Sounds with Buffalo Bill and Revcall Live at the Linsmore Tavern!

Thursday July 28th, the Linsmore Tavern (1298 Danforth Ave), is excited to welcome one of the GTA’s hottest original act’s, Mute Sounds. Mute Sounds created by Rui Pedro, dates back to 2018 while Rui lost his voice, while battling severe throat cancer. This Post Alternative, Rock Band has much of their music inspired by Rui’s experience with throat cancer. Mute Sounds is not just another band; Is a Cancer Survivor journey put into chords. Being an instrumental act, Mute Sounds will elevate your senses through the melodic rock songs expressing the feelings of someone who dramatically lost one of the most important senses: the voice. Also performing on this evening is Buffalo Bill and Revcall! The show starts at 7:30pm, you can purchase tickets online here:

Mute Sounds was founded by Rui Pedro, in 2018, in Portugal during the worst battle of his life against a severe throat cancer. His throat cancer caused his voice to be permanently gone. Over the course of his 8 month hospital stay while he endured chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions, Rui passion for music grew as he started to learn the guitar through YouTube videos with the goal of expressing his day-by-day feelings through chords. He was the talk of the hospital, this young man playing guitar between his cancer treatments rapidly spread to all the patients, nurses, doctors and hospital management and that’s when he his story truly begins.
Rui was asked to do a “Musical Week”, at the hospital through all the different services they have. He was swarmed with compliments, said to be “inspirational” and a “force of nature” were just some of the comments everyone said, which generated a lot of buzz!

A few months later, Rui was invited to present his songs in a bar in Portugal at his hometown, and that’s when Mute Soundsformally born. With a sold out first show, the project started to grow more and become more serious, which led Rui to try a different market, a place he lived before. Within the same year, Rui took this project to Toronto. It was time to move forward, share his passion and there was no better time then now to show the world that music is the expression of a soul, his soul.

During the 2020’s pandemic, Rui began to produce, record and release his first album with the songs he wrote while in the hospital. A few months after the release of “Reborn”, he started to write new songs and again, produce, record and release his second album, called “Roads”. Now with the albums records, he asked himself “What’s next?” A question he found an answer pretty quick, it’s time to put a band together to start gigging those songs.

With great pleasure as of now, “Mute Sounds” is a five-piece band, inserted in the Post-Alternative Rock genre, offering you a life-time story through sounds. This was always a dream, a dream he fought for. This is as simple as this: “I’m Rui Pedro and we are Mute Sounds. We will play for you and won’t say a single word. Enjoy the ride”.