Roger Reynolds September 18, 1958 to January 10, 2022

Roger Reynolds September 18, 1958 to January 10, 2022
Roger Reynolds September 18, 1958 to January 10, 2022
It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of a beloved member of our Linsmore family.
Everyone knew him just as Roger..
Roger passed away at Orillia Memorial Hospital, unexpectedly, January 10, 2022.
Roger Reynolds was our manager, doorman, good will ambassador, and our great, great friend, not only to all our staff at the Linsmore, but also to the many thousands of Live Music fans and customers who have walked through the fronts doors at the Linsmore every weekend for the past 6 plus years.
Roger would be sitting at his spot in the front foyer, always smiling, and always welcoming with his clean cut farm boy face. As big as Roger was, he left everyone at ease.
Roger was kind, honest, loyal, and the nicest person we’d ever had the pleasure of calling our friend. His diplomacy with everyone regardless of circumstances, served the Linsmore, our bands, our staff, and all our customers extremely well.
Roger was a huge Star Trek fan, and over the years would travel to various Star Trek conventions throughout Canada and the United States.
While working on weekend nights at the Linsmore, Roger also managed the Downsview Flea Market in North York where he was cherished by his employers and by the hundreds of merchants he pleasantly dealt with for the past 20 plus years.
His beloved Tara, a miniature chihuahua, was his constant companion and the two of them together were a beautiful sight.
He has been a great friend, a kind, caring, gentle giant who loved karaoke, and loved country music. He was shy about his love of singing, even though he had a half decent voice, and he coordinated our Wednesday Karaoke nights before Covid arrived on our shores.
Roger lived a simple life, preferred country living to the big city, and would spend his summer weekdays at his trailer located an hour north of Toronto. Roger was generous to the core.
Roger Reynolds will be greatly missed by all of us who endeared him to our hearts. We can’t believe we’ve lost him, and we will never forget him.
The family are making private funeral arrangements, so we just ask that people remember Roger fondly and remember that smiling kind face that greeted you whenever you walked into the Linsmore on a Friday or Saturday night. He would have appreciated that.
Fare Thee Well Roger!
From Basil, Vivian, and Ryan Mangano, and our staff, the bands and all our great customers at The Linsmore.