MrBaggsCookery, Hammerhead and Madhouse Live at the Linsmore Tavern!

October 5, 2023 8:30 pm

We are bringing an epic night of original music to the Linsmore Tavern (1298 Danforth Ave) on Thursday October 5th! MrBaggsCookery will be kicking off the evening, so look out! Up next is Hammerhead featuring John Yates who has a unique prog, hard rock, instrumental surf with Ozzy esque vocals! How cool does that sound! Closing the evening is the 4 piece alternative rock band, Madhouse! The show starts at 8:30pm, $10 cover at the door!

A modern day troubadour, MrBaggsCookery is Tbagg ,ex Bunchofuckingoofs bassist now doing solo electric guitar and vocals in an all original set.

Hammerhead features John Yates ( Custom ,Sophocles and the Cool Winters) on electric guitar and vocals in a set that is made of half progged out hard rock originals with Ozzy esque vocals half souped up instrumental surf classics with a couple select covers.
Madhouse is a four piece original alternative rock band from Toronto. They formed accidentally and gradually during the latter half of 2022. They are releasing their debut album in the fall of this year. Their only goal is to create something honest.

Mindy Sins with Duke Street Turnaround Live at the Linsmore Tavern!

September 16, 2023 3:57 pm

Thursday October 12th, the Linsmore Tavern (1298 Danforth Ave) is welcoming 2 incredible bands to our stage for the very first time! Headlining the evening is one of Canada’s hottest new bands, Mindy Sins who will be bringing their unique Post-Punk/Blues sound to showcase! Opening the evening is an amazing Bluegrass band, Duke Street Turnaround! Music fans, this is a night for you! The show starts at 7:30pm, tickets are $10 in advance and can be purchased online here:

Post-Punk/Blues Trio Mindy Sins pushes dirty grooves and guitar-centric music to new limits in their own modern style, with the sole intention of putting on a breathtaking show. Come enjoy an array of provocative lyricism and wild stage antics performed by a highly-talented group of musicians on October 12th at the Linsmore Tavern, and find all of Mindy Sins’ music on their website With support from the incredible bluegrass band Duke Street Turnaround, it’s a show you won’t want to miss!

Trick or Treat at the Linsmore Tavern Feat Ted Axe with Epitaph on Halloween Evening!

October 31, 2023 8:30 pm

We have quite a show for all of you on Tuesday October 31st, Halloween night at the Linsmore Tavern (1298 Danforth Ave), We could not think of a better fit than Ted Axe to perform on the evening of Trick or Treat! Opening the evening is the original local supergroup “Epitaph” who has been building a following since their debut. So if you are looking for a very fun and great evening of music after the kiddies finish their trick or treating, head over to the Linsmore in your costume to see these two great bands! The show starts at 8:30pm, there will be a $10 cover charge at the door!

None other than the night of Halloween, the legendary “Count of Rock” Ted Axe makes his return to the Linsmore Tavern Tuesday Oct 31st with his band of blood thirsty ghouls to rock shock, entertain and electrify with his original gothic tunes. With an eerie, mysterious and commanding presence, Ted will perform newly released songs such as “Disaster” and “Isolate” that will surely bring the audience of fangs into a frenzy fit for a Halloween thriller. The band takes influences such as TRex, Alice Cooper and The Ramones and more to present to you the ultimate high energy horror rock experience. Come one, come all in your costumes whether you fancy the glamorous side or a more ghoulish presence from the grave or guillotine!!

Toronto’s most Quintessential Party Band – The Honest Liars Live at the Linsmore Tavern!

September 29, 2023 9:30 pm
Friday September 29th, the Linsmore Tavern (1298 Danforth Ave), is bringing in one of the most highly-sought after Party band in Toronto, The Honest Liars! The Honest Liars are in high demand playing many of Toronto’s big Downtown clubs such as Grace O’Malley’s, Radio, Real Sports to name a few! So it’s very cool that they will be heading over to the East End to perform and bring the party to the Linsmore’s stage! Get ready for a high-energy evening of Rock, Pop, Top 40, Country, as this band can do it all! The show starts at 9:30pm, there will be a $10 cover at the door!
The Honest Liars is Toronto’s most quintessential party band perfect for bars, clubs and private functions. Their charismatic and charming approach to facilitating live music performance coupled with their raw musicianship allows The Honest Liars to instinctually entertain crowds within a variety of contexts. Whether it’s your birthday, bachelorette party or just a fun night out, The Honest Liars joyfully pumps out mega hits from their adventurous song list featuring your favourite artists from the 1960’s to modern day!
The Honest Liars always has a fun set-list that will have everyone up and dancing all night! Some of the artist’s that they perform the music of are Shania Twain,Police, Dua Lipa,Talking Heads, Daft Punk, Jimmy Eat World, Kings of Leon, Lucinda Williams, Killers, CCR, Harry Styles, Chris Isaak, Oasis, RHCP, Weezer, Sublime, The Beatles, White Stripes, Semisonic, Smashing Pumpkins, Cranberries, Avicii, Foo Fighters, The Strokes, Michael Jackson, Muse, Sam Roberts, Jimi Hendrix, Shaggy and many more!

Evolution Live at the Linsmore Tavern!

September 30, 2023 9:30 pm

Saturday September 30th, the Linsmore Tavern (1298 Danforth Ave), cannot wait to welcome for the very first time one of the great Reggae, Soca, R&B, Rock, Pop, Country Cover band in the GTA, Evolution! This is going to be such a fun night of music of covers from AC/DC to Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffet to Journey, Prince to Madonna, this band does it all! Get ready to dance and party the night away with Evolution! The show starts at 9:30pm, there will be a $10 cover charge at the door!

Introducing Evolution, a dynamic band that effortlessly blends rock, pop, reggae, country, soca, and R&B into their signature sound. With a lineup consisting of a talented bassist, skilled drummer, versatile lead guitarist, soulful keyboardist, and captivating female vocalist, Evolution creates music that transcends genres and captivates audiences worldwide.

Their infectious melodies and powerful lyrics resonate deeply, weaving stories of love, growth, and self-discovery. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences, including legendary artists like Bob Marley, Prince, and Fleetwood Mac, Evolution brings a fresh and modern twist to their eclectic sound.

Evolution’s live performances are nothing short of electrifying, with their energetic stage presence and seamless musical chemistry captivating audiences from the first note to the last. Whether they’re performing at intimate venues or commanding larger stages, Evolution’s passion and musical prowess shine through, leaving a lasting impression on all who experience their performances.

Having already achieved notable success in the industry, Evolution has garnered a loyal and ever-growing fan base, and their music has been featured on various radio stations and streaming platforms. With their unwavering dedication to their craft and a hunger for musical exploration, Evolution is poised to continue making waves in the music scene, carving their own unique path and enchanting listeners with their genre-defying music.

Experience the evolution of sound with Evolution – a band that defies boundaries and embraces the limitless possibilities of music.

Toronto’s Hottest Indie Show Featuring Just Jillian with Eyes Under 40, Lon Chaney Movie, Matt Bentley & Friends feat Jeremy Smith Live at the Linsmore Tavern!

September 28, 2023 7:30 pm

There is a lot of anticipation for this show, as 3 of the GTA’s top original acts are coming together to play all in one evening on Thursday September 28th at the Linsmore Tavern (1298 Danforth Ave)! Music fans, make sure you make it out to this one, as there is so much serious East End talent all in one room playing this evening! Kicking off the evening is one of the GTA’s premier Indie Rock Artists, Just Jillian performing with Eyes Under 40! Next up, is the hottest new Indie Bands feat Gary Edward All, Lon Chaney Movie who are building up a ton of momentum right now! Closing the evening is Matt Bentley & Friends featuring Jeremy Smith who’s original music has a rock, acoustic, reggae & pop sound! The show starts at 7:30pm, there will be a $10 cover at the door!

Canadian musician Just Jillian is an Indie Rock artist with a rich history in Toronto’s music scene. Her long follow up album “Story Of Mine” blends the boundaries of Indie, Blues, Pop and Americana in 6 original tracks. It’s long anticipated release is slated for Fall 2023. Performing with Eyes Under 40.
Lon Chaney was known as the Man of a Thousand Faces. While it cannot be said that the Lon Chaney Movie are the Band of Thousand Sounds, the potential is certainly there. This is music where the drums and bass (oh that bass) come straight at you, with the guitar riffs melting into the rhythm to take you away. Indie, meet Prog. An almost familiar sound that will sometimes blast its way into your ears with visions of Jane’s Addiction, Sabbath or Zeppelin before bringing you back from the edge with warm guitar riffs. A fresh take on disciplined indie rock with a pedigree of Prog and dare I say Punk? Gary, Neil and Enrico are always worth a listen .
Matt Bentley is a Toronto based singer/songwriter. He is excited to return to the Linsmore to play his original songs that have been well received by Toronto audiences. Matt has been writing over the summer and will playing some new songs as well your favourites at the show. Matt will be joined by members of the band Flight Risk Sam McClay – Percussion/Vocals and Hylton Reiff – Bass/Vocal. The performance will feature Flight Risk lead singer Jeremy Smith. Jeremy Smith is the lead singer of Flight Risk. He’s a Toronto beach native who has been writing and playing music for over 25 years. His music and lyrical style is one that incorporates A contagious recipe of rock, acoustic, reggae & pop which combine to form a familiar sound that is fresh and modern.

NORTH STAR 90 Brings hits from the 90’s to the Linsmore Tavern!

September 14, 2023 8:00 pm

We know there are so many fans of 90’s rock music out there and that’s why we love to bring in very high-end cover bands to that era of music. Thursday September 14th, the Linsmore Tavern (1298 Danforth Ave) is bringing in one of the premier cover band to the 90’s era of music. NORTH STAR 90 will be hitting our stage for the very first time and we can’t wait as we have heard so many amazing things about this band and some of their shows in the east end. 90’s fan don’t miss out on this incredible cover band, the show starts at 8pm, there will be a $10 cover at the door.

NORTH STAR 90 is a 4-piece band formed over the past few years in Toronto’s east end, and they’ve been creating a buzz with their surefire selection of ‘90s rock/pop classics! Covering popular songs by iconic artists of the era (STP, Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, Green Day, Tragically Hip, 54-40), as well as a few forgotten gems, they’ve been steadily impressing crowds with their solid set list! If you’re a fan of ‘90s alt-rock music, you’re sure to enjoy this band’s great energy and fun set-list!