Canadian Metal Night at the Linsmore Tavern featuring Cell, Loose, Ischemic brought to you by Futhark Records!

June 28, 2024 9:00 pm

We have an awesome original metal night coming to the Linsmore Tavern (1298 Danforth Ave) on Friday June 28th! Brought to you by Futhark Records a great local record store in the neighborhood, 3 of Canada’s finest Original Metal bands will be heading to the Danforth to perform the east end of Toronto! Cell a black metal band from Winnipeg, Loose a thrash metal band from Barrie Ontario, and Ischemic a Black Death Metal band from Toronto will all be performing on this evening! There will be a $15 cover charge at the door!

Cell is a powerfully innovative trio hailing from Winnipeg, Canada. They have been redefining the black metal landscape since their inception in 2014. Cell expertly fuses elements of old school and contemporary black metal, while weaving in flavors of death metal, hardcore, thrash, and doom. Their live shows are a relentless, immersive experience. Cell’s music delves deep into the mysteries of the universe, exploring existential questions and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of conceptual cosmic black metal. Each track serves as a sonic journey through space and time, creating an atmosphere that is simultaneously otherworldly and eerily familiar. Their live performances are a force to be reckoned with, enveloping audiences in an intense, unrelenting wall of sound that leaves everyone breathless and craving more. (quoted from their website)
Loose is a five piece metal band from Barrie, Ontario. They take inspiration from death, black and thrash metal with a healthy dose of stoner/sludge. Mixing themes of our grim human experience and evil tales, their live sets pack a musical punch and keep you at attention.”

Ischemic is a Toronto based blackened death doom project founded in 2012. The band’s musical influences reach back to death doom masters Autopsy and Thorr’s Hammer, and their powerful live performances provide a good glimpse into the dark corners of the genre. The band ties their inspirations into one cohesive mass while vocalist¬†Isabelle Tazbir’s blackened shrieks and subterranean guttural growls propel the mood further, never wavering in intensity or clarity.