The RadioSonics Live at the Linsmore Tavern for a Pre St Paddy’s Day Saturday Night Party!

March 16, 2024 9:00 pm

Saturdays March 16th, the Linsmore Tavern (1298 Danforth Ave) can’t wait to welcome for the first time an incredible party band who are a perfect fit for the Saturday before St Paddy’s Day, The RadioSonics! We have been trying to get this band in for the last year, because they flat out rock and will definitely deliver an Upbeat, Energetic evening which is perfect for parties! On top of all of the great Rock Party Songs, The RadioSonics will throw in some Irish Classics to get everyone ready for St Patrick’s Day the next day!  The show starts at 9pm, there will be a $10 Cover charge at the door!

The RadioSonics! Rock! Dance! Party! Classic radio hits! Live! Upbeat! Energetic! 80’s, 90’s, 00’s!  While 2023 was a very busy first-year for the band, their popularity guarantees a much busier 2024. The RadioSonics deliver dance-oriented classic hits that everyone of any age knows and loves (e.g., The Killers, David Bowie, Duran Duran, Billy Idol, The Black Keys, Kings of Leon, etc.). This St. Paddy’s Eve, a few special Irish gems will get everyone feeling green!